Coffee roasters

Roasting capacity: 18.500kg/hour

  • 2 Probat (RO-3000) 3.000Kg/hour - 6.000Kg/hour
  • 2 Colombo (CN-500) 3.000Kg/hour - 6.000Kg/hour
  • Rhin (CN-120) 500Kg/hour
  • Probat (RZ-2.500) 2.500Kg/hour
  • 2 Probat (RO-1.500) 1.500Kg/hour - 3.000Kg/hour
  • Probat (RO-120) 500Kg/hour

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Solar panel installation to reduce overall
energy consumption by 24,81% per month

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Global Coffee Industries committed against COVID-19 – SAFE FOOD SITE

We are proud to communicate that thanks to our rigorous protocol to protect our personnel, production process and products, we have obtained the COVID-19 Prevention / FOOD certification from ACERTA, Entity specialized certification in quality assessment and food safety.